Tech-Supply Chain Solutions

Solution Engineering

Configuring solutions for you
It’s all about how to optimize cost and efficiency within the supply chain network. We want to “Think like the Customer” to drive forward ongoing, continuous improvement. Changing demands, increasing market channels and accessing new and emerging markets can all have a dramatic impact on supply chain network’s design, process efficiency and performance.

The wide ranges of services that we can provide are:
Performing network analysis and design of an optimal supply chain network using best of in class tools for the job.
Proactive assessment and identification of areas of opportunity for ongoing improvement and innovation in supply chain performance while embracing industry best practice.
Scenario analysis, e.g. “What If” - a simulation with projected activity to test design.
Definition of business requirements and specifications for sourcing and procuring 3PL and 2PL solutions
Participation in implementation of the solution to ensure new operations is implemented according to standard processes and work instructions.

Our objective is to measure and identify specific ways to improve supply chain efficiency andcost for your benefit.

Supply Chain Management

PDS international Supply Chain Management and Solutions Engineering products best illustrate our culture of delivering continual improvement and competitive advantage.

Supply Chain Management provides continual improvement and competitive advantage at a tactical level, whereas Solutions Engineering identifies and builds strategic advantage.

In summary, our Supply Chain Management team can add value in a number of ways, such as reducing operating expense, while meeting your service level. They can strengthen working capital, balance inventory against forecast demand and help lower total landed costs by optimizing routes, carrier rates and tariffs.

Projects Include:
  • Network optimization

    Using advanced network modeling techniques, our specialists analyze the number, size and location of distribution centers. They also seek opportunities to lower operating expenses, better handle seasonal fluctuations in volumes and improve inventory positioning relative to forecast.

  • International route management

    Drawing on our global operations and local experts, our team can enhance routes to achieve lower landed costs with predictable lead times. This in turn will help reduce safety stocks, whilst improving inventory turns.

  • Supply chain diagnostics

    Applying the latest diagnostic tools to provide strategic competitive advantage, highlighting areas of strength and those requiring improvement compared with industry peers.

  • Aligning strategic business needs

    Provision of control tower solution to ensure end-to-end supply chain visibility across multiple partners and supply chain strategy alignment.

Supply Chain Optimisation

PDS international Pvt Ltd., has a proven methodology for engaging customers using a collaborative solution development process to understand business needs and to tailor our solution to specifically deliver the objectives for our customer’s global supply chains.

We realize that there are significant opportunities for improving supply chain performance through the organization and alignment of the end-to-end logistics processes occurring throughout the supply chain network. Additionally, we understand that overlapping functions can create substantial opportunities for cost savings across the various touch points in an organization from placement of a factory build order up until final delivery of finished product to a final customer. This includes defining optimal solutions which deliver the greatest impact to our customers business.

Supply Chain Advisory

PDS advisory team consists of experienced professionals from the Supply Chain domain. We provide inputs and help in coming up with cost-effective methods for sustainable development. We study the existing supply chain to provide the right solution to overcome the challenges being faced. The main focus remains creation of value across the supply chain.

The processes are designed to reduce non- value added activities, wastage, and cycle time and improve customer service. Each step of the process is carefully identified, analyzed, measured and evaluated. Our team constantly monitors the process for improvement and reviews performance. Performance measures are used to determine if the supply chain and its individual members are performing well enough to compete.

  • Network Design
  • Sales & Operation Planning
  • Transport Optimization
  • Logistics Operations & Engineering