Be a PDS Partner

The ultimate goal of logistics and transportation is simple: getting products to clients in a timely, cost-effective and efficient way. For almost 15 years, PDS has been a reliable partner to its carriers and clients. Our integrated supply chain services links producers and consumers through all modes of transportation.

Freight forwarding continues to be a growth industry. To continue to do so we have to solve clients’ problems and discover new ideas.

Outstanding professional carrier companies and fleet owners are important partners for connecting the dots and are welcomed as a part of this network.

The ability to analyze customers’ needs and respond quickly with suitable and advanced solutions is essential in today’s fast-paced logistics industry.

In order to exceed the market needs, PDS finds professional ways to find a balance between customers’ expectations and the needs and challenges of the carrier.

Working in partnership with you, PDS can help to overcome these challenges by, for example, utilizing your drivers’ capacity while moving freight on a round-trip basis.

Our skilled and experienced logistics professionals are your agents and partners on the route.

By being our partner, you will also benefit from the opportunity to extend your industry-wide knowledge and relationships. To find out the requirements for qualifying as a PDS Partner and for more information, please contact us.