Our Services Include:

  • Checking of the documents received to ensure conformity with requirement
  • Obtaining Freight certificate from Air Console Agent
  • Procedure for obtaining approval from concerned authorities.
  • Preparation of LUT Bond.
  • Preparation of Transit Bond for warehousing in Private Bonded Warehouse.
  • Preparation of format for B.G.
  • Preparation of Shipping Bill for Export of Duty Free Goods Ex-Bond
  • Preparation of Bill of Entry.
  • Processing of Bill of Entry in Custom.
  • Obtaining space in Customs Bonded Warehouse.
  • Obtaining Freight Certificate from Air Console Agent.
  • Completion of Shipping Company / Airlines formalities in Docks.
  • Arrangement for Customs Examination and Out of charge in Docks.
  • Loading of the Consignment from Docks.
  • Transportation to destination if required.
  • Unloading of Consignment in bonded warehouse.
  • Receiving of consignments in warehouse by the concern agencies.

We also undertake

Bonding of goods in Public/ Private Warehouses
  • Booking Space in the Warehous
  • Processing of Papers (Into-Bond Bill of Entry) in Customs for Warehousing of Goods
  • Execution and Acceptance of Double Duty Bond in the Bond Section
  • Reexamination & Re warehousing in the Bonded Warehouse
Ex-bonding the goods from Public/Private Warehouse
  • Processing Ex-Bond Bill of Entry in Bond Section
  • Re-Examination in Bonded Warehouse
  • Release of goods from Bonded Warehouse either for Home consumption or for sale or for Exports from a Bonded Warehouse