Free Trade Warehousing Zone

PDS to cater customer requirements also facilitates FTWZ to clients by providing warehousing and value-added services.Strategically located, the FTWZs provide excellent connectivity via rail, road, sea and air modes of transport, and boast of world-class warehouses with state-of-the-art material handling equipment. PDS helps customers to avail benefits of FTWZ.

The FTWZ or Free Trade & Warehousing Zones are the deemed foreign territory in India, which serves as the sub-section of Special Economic Zone. It is a sanitized area specially allotted as foreign territory to carry out business. These zones are conceived as International Trading Hubs, that serves as key link between logistic and global supply chains and are set up to improve logistics infrastructure and facilitate and promote cross-border and international trade.

We offer our clients to achieve complex procedures in these zones and provide our helping hand in warehousing facilities.

The FTWZ reduces the custom clearance time and the connectivity with transportation facilities which improved the delivery time.

The FTWZ provides:

  • Custom categorized warehousing facility for chemicals, food, electronics, oil and many other items
  • Freezer and cooler facilities
  • Break bulk, containerized and dry cargo storage facilities
  • Warehouses with humidity control
  • Well-connected transportation facilities
  • Commercial office space
  • Other support facilities and amenities such as medical facilities, cafeteria services and others