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The "three pillars" of sustainability are commonly cited as "people, planet and profit." At PDS, our three pillars of sustainability closely mirror this original idea, with a focus on society as whole (social responsibility), the earth we live on (environment Responsibility) and the people who are the essence of our company (health & safety). The pursuit of sustainable business practices is essential to achieving our mission of excellence in global logistics.

We want to model the program in our organization and help our customers achieve their goals by offering recommendations for improving the sustainability of their businesses, whether by streamlining their supply chains, minimizing distribution costs or evaluating alternative sourcing profiles.

Every program has its inception, and our first steps were to start gathering information on employee giving and volunteering and to establish a health and safety program for all our branches.

Our Commitment
At PDS, we work with our customers, service providers and employees to demonstrate a measurable commitment to environmental sustainability. We go beyond compliance to create new opportunities to reduce pollution, while saving money. As a non-asset owning logistics provider, we are not tied to aging fleets. We have the freedom to partner with service providers who have newer, more fuel efficient fleets and strong environmental programs.

Health & Safety

Synonymous with Our Culture and Mission
At PDS, the idea of operating safely comes naturally to our teams of dedicated employees and managers. We all learn from our very first day on the job that PDS is a place that cares for its people, pays attention to the details, places a premium on process improvement and does not cut corners. The entrepreneurial spirit of our organization rests on a foundation of trust, namely, that each employee can rest assured that the total commitment to our people includes a commitment to their well being. Employee health and safety is a part of who we are and what we do. PDS encourages all employees to share in the Company's commitment to health and safety. Our approach includes Health and Safety Managers assigned to our geographic regions. This structure ensures National coordination of Health and Safety at PDS while also providing a resource that supports health and safety matters in each region.

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