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industrial manufacture logistics

With more than 15 years of experience in industrial markets, PDS International is a knowledgeable partner to some of India’s leading industrial manufacturing company’s. We offer a variety of logistics services tailored to industrial goods and the specific needs of your company. Every PDS solution is custom-designed by our team of supply chain experts. Our areas of expertise include:

Raw Materials

With our supply chain solutions, manufacturers can get an edge on the competition through an optimized network and continuous improvement. We specialize in supply chain management for specialty metals, alloys, polymers and more.

Aftermarket & Service Parts

The need for a strong aftermarket business is becoming crucial in a number of today’s industries. Managing aftermarket logistics has unique requirements that Kenco possesses along with years of proven experience. Kenco provides all of the services your aftermarket business demands including parts consolidation and transportation.

Heavy Equipment & Construction

As with operating heavy machinery, smooth processes and a solid plan can simplify your tasks. Put Kenco's years of experience in warehousing and logistics for the large equipment and construction industry to work for your company. We specialize in inventory management with line side delivery and container management.

Building Materials

PDS offers a variety of logistics services for our building materials clients, including: warehousing, inventory control and freight brokerage.