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It is our commitment to go beyond the expectations of what companies need from a global logistics provider. Through organic growth, not acquisition, we give our clients and employees peace of mind knowing that their day to day business won't be disrupted by merger pains.

Our culture is about exceeding our customers' expectations and providing a place for our employees to make a career. It is noticeable that our people just care more. They move faster, work harder and are better rewarded than our competition. Our offices are neat, organized and set up in accordance with our quality standards. It's a simple philosophy that works - we will do all we can to protect our culture.

Customer service has always been our focus and we take great pride in ensuring that our customers receive the same level of consistent service everywhere in the world. We do this by staying true to our core assets: our people, our systems, our culture and our customers.

Manu Chopra
Managing Director